What does the color you wear in lingerie mean?

What does the color you wear in lingerie mean?

What does the color you wear in lingerie mean?

This article at Lamasate, we had fun knowing what it meant to wear a particular color in lingerie. Some of you admit that you only wear black, or white … yes, but why? Some others swear by red, or pink! I propose to you immediately a small compilation of the sense that carries each color

The black lingerie is absolutely timeless, you will agree with me. A dark black and a little lace and voila! 🙂
Meaning: Black symbolizes mystery and power.

It is a color (which is not a) strong. But it also has slimming effects, which is why it is especially used for training pants.

I wear black if I look for a stylish and sophisticated look.

The Red
Red is an intense color that immediately catches the eye and is therefore almost an extreme color.

Meaning: It symbolizes passion and love but also fire and heat. Red is also automatically associated with blood.

Wanting to wear red in lingerie may mean that you are looking for power, energy, but also to a certain extent, spice and excitement.
The White
Like black, white is a classic lingerie, timeless and timeless. Almost sacred for weddings for example, it represents light and clarity.

Meaning: White represents purity and innocence.

I wear white lingerie if I seek comfort and a feeling of well-being.
The pink
What would we girls be without the rose? Clear, dark, fluo, pastel, all the shades are possible and fill us with happiness to wake up our little girl side.

Meaning: The rose is reminiscent of romance, tenderness and femininity.

I wear pink when I’m looking for a nice feeling of sweetness.
Blue has the same peculiarities as for the rose, that is to say it has lots of shades that will not have the same intensity depending on the degree chosen.

Meaning: Blue symbolizes wisdom and loyalty.

I wear blue when I try to have more confidence in myself and to feel good about myself.
Violet is not very common, it is not a color that can be seen easily in the street, and you have to want to know how to wear it! On one side, purple evokes feelings of passion, romance and sensitivity. But it has a double meaning.

Meaning: Purple symbolizes royalty, luxury, wealth and is therefore sometimes seen as artificial.

I wear purple lingerie when I’m looking for a romantic and feminine style
How not to think of the sun, the heat, Provence when I see yellow? Immediately associated with summer, this color appeals to gaiety and happiness, and finally, especially to bright yellow and less to honey (dark yellow).

Meaning: Yellow lingerie brings positive feelings and playfulness.

I wear yellow when I’m in a good mood and I’m looking for a feeling of warmth.

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